The next best thing to predicting the future of your money.

Instead of using apps that insist on over-budgeting your life and overanalyzing your mistakes, plan ahead with Forecash, which forecasts your cash flow and helps you make informed decisions about your finances.

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Challenges of Today’s Reality

There’s a better way to do finances…
Forecash takes a different approach.

No ulterior motives.
No hidden agendas.

We won’t sell your information to ad partners or get you to sign up for more credit cards that you don't really need.

We’re here to help you solve problems that the system created and has stacked against you. We believe the best way is to be a trusted partner in the journey from debt to savings to prosperity.

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What is Forecash and how is it better?

Forecash is an app you can adapt to your personal financial needs. It forecasts your future, calculates the hard stuff, and lets you test different scenarios to make informed decisions.


An Interactive Forecasting Graph

The centerpiece of the Forecash experience, it’s designed to help you to see and what your finances will look like. You can interact with it, add new items to your projection, move expenses into the future, and see how decisions will change your financial outlook.


Automatic Calculators

Embedded into Forecash are calculators intended to give you a transparent and complete picture of possible futures and tradeoffs. For example, the key piece to calculate for all loans is total interest you’ll pay for a given strategy. This is shown in every Forecash scenario, so you can pick the right strategy for yourself.


Multiple Scenario Planning

Should you rent or buy an apartment? Invest in a retirement account? Pay off a student loan? Both? If you decide to pay the loan off, how? Do you put in a big chunk now, refinance, or both? Forecash is designed to help you test and compare.

You can’t change the past; so why dwell? Take action.

We believe there’s no need to feel guilty for what you spent in the past, but this is a side effect of most financial "tracking" apps. Most likely, you made choices you needed to make.

You, like other humans, deserve better tools. So turn your attention to the future and gain confidence with your money.

Forecash Basics – How it works…

Enter your balance as of today.

This is where it starts, just by entering how much cash you have in a single account, or overall. Forecash draws a projection graph for you from today, drawing every day into the future.

Enter your income.

The graph updates live to reflect your individual paychecks. You essentially describe this like a calendar event.

Enter your regular expenses.

These can be ballpark estimates to start. It’s just to get a picture of the impact your expenses have on your income, and the graph updates to show you what your cash flow actually looks like.

Enter your upcoming single expenses.

For anyone working paycheck-to-paycheck, this is where things can get sticky. Every month is different. But if your “projection” gets close to zero, Forecash will show you when.

Try to reschedule some expenses to solve any forthcoming problems.

You can drag expenses around in Forecash to reschedule them or plan to spend a different amount. This is the core of Forecash; it empowers you to experiment with the future and puts control in your hands.

This is just a simple example of what you can do.

Once we factor in credit cards, loans, retirement and savings goals, then Forecash really shines.
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